Image Where can you see whales in California ?

Where can you see whales in California ?

Where can you see whales in California ?

California is a state in the Western part of the United States. Every year, about 20 thousand whales come to California. Three whale species migrate from Alaska to Mexico every year, and then they go back. These majestic mammals make the epic journey of 9,656km to different parts of the ocean to feed, to mate, and to breed.

From the North to the South, California is a mating and breeding ground for the famous Gray whales and the Hunchback whales. You can also spot the majestic Blue whales in the coast of California. Bring your binoculars and set out on a cruise trip to spot whales at various parts of California.

Read and learn about the best places to spot the Gray whales and the Hunchback whales in California.

Where are the best places to watch whales in California?

  • San Francisco Bay, California is a good spot for  watching the Gray whales. Gray whales are migratory mammals. San Francisco Bay abounds in anchovy. Every year, a large number of Gray whales come to San Francisco Bay to feed on anchovy. You can also watch dolphins, porpoises and harbor seals from the Islands. The best months to spot wildlife are from December through March.
  • Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco: Whale watching from the Golden Gate Bridge is fascinating. It is so exciting to watch Humpback whales. The best months for whale watching at the Golden gate Bridge if from March to October.
  • You will never forget the exciting adventures of whale watching at the scenic Farallon Islands. Set out on a cruise and enjoy the exciting whale spotting adventure. Farallon Islands is the place to go to spot Humpback whales. Bring your binoculars and enjoy the sight of the Humpback whales breaching and spouting in the ocean. The best time to go to the Farallon Islands is from March to November.
  • Every year, you can spot the Gray whales and the Humpback whales, mating and breeding at the lagoons in Baja California. The best time to come is from March to November.
  • Whales come to San Diego, California to breed and mate. They come so close that even without your binoculars, you can see the majestic mammals flucking, spouting, and breaching in San Diego, Southern California. Gray whales and blue whales can be spotted in the coast of San Diego. The best season to watch the Gray whales is in winter; whereas you can spot the Blue whales in the summer.

How to organize the whale-watching trip to California?

California is a fascinating destination for whale watching. You can spot three different whale species in many parts of California, from the north to the south.

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